Monday, January 10, 2011

Horsing Around!

As I drove along the Bluegrass Scenic Byway, I occasionally would stop and take a few photos of various horse barns. This one was particularly beautiful.
There were lots of horses out grazing on this sunny, cold Sunday. I saw countless squirrels and hawks and plenty of deer. It's much easier to spot the hawks with no leaves on the trees. This larger chestnut horse was really hamming it up for my camera.

This chestnut colt kept playfully nudging at the older chestnut horse. I'm thinking mom and son.

It's going to snow here tonight and that storm will be headed east so if you're east of the Midwest, beware. ENJOY!


  1. Wow - those look like awesome towers on the barn! Nice accommodations. Those Kentucky horses should be very happy!

  2. Stunning Carol Just stunning.

  3. Oh how truly lovely, Carol! I rode when I was growing up, and would have killed to have a barn like that! :)

  4. Oh my gosh.....the first horse portrait is stunning. I love that face. The barn is gorgeous too!