Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seals, Chatham, Cape Cod

On my way out of Chatham, I stopped to see if the seals were hanging out at the dock waiting for leftovers. And, yes, they were. There was a bit of a crowd, but I managed to get a spot at the railing to take a few photos. I was on my way back to Centerville to the inn. The weather was perfect too other than a brisk wind. Chatham is a really cool little town. I only regret I didn't have time to stop and take in some of the boutiques and shops but it was getting late and I knew it would take a bit of time to get back to Centerville with all the traffic.

And here is why the seals were hanging out by the dock! Looks like he's about done.

I should also mention, I'm anxious for fall to get underway. I can't take another 96 degree day like yesterday. This weekend it's supposed to be 79 and beautiful on Saturday and low 80's Sunday. I can't wait! ENJOY!


  1. I'll bet that is part of their daily routine. Like the gulls following the lobster boats. I like the water color. Was it like that most of the time you were there?

    Aren't you glad this isn't your vacation week?

  2. Very glad I'm not at the Cape right now. The water in Chatham was so beautiful while I was there. Hope you're not close to the ocean and don't get caught up in this "Earl". Carol

  3. Those seals were posing for you - who can resist their eyes? I can only imagine the smell the guy shoveling fish was experiencing!

  4. Great pictures! The seals seem so close. So funny they hang around waiting for leftovers.