Monday, August 30, 2010

Ospreys, Morris Island, Chatham, Cape Cod

On my day trip to Chatham while visiting Cape Cod a few weeks ago, I drove out to the wildlife refuge, which I posted about earlier on. During my visit at the refuge, I photographed an osprey nest filled with life.

The osprey parents were feeding their young as I walked across the wildlife refuge and got a little closer. Apparently too close for the Mom who had some food in her clutches and took flight, then Dad followed. As I walked away from the nest to give them their distance, Mom and Pop returned to the nest and continued feeding the youngsters.

It's worth mentioning that the wind was blowing about 15 miles an hour and picked up to about 25 miles per hour while I was at the beach, making it really difficult to get any decent photos of these beautiful creatures. ENJOY!


  1. Hi Carol, I also saw an Osprey nest and family while visiting the Poge Reserve on Chappaquiddick. However, I couldn't get close enough, even with my zoom for a good shot. What do you think dinner was? it looks really "stringy"!

  2. I have taken quite a few shots of ospreys this summer, all in nests on poles. Since you haven't seen them, you know they were crummy. Your shots are crisp and clear.

  3. Another magical moment to savour Carol.

  4. These are great photos! Cape Cod is so full of wildlife and beauty. What a great place to grab some nice snapshots.