Friday, September 17, 2010

Historic Dexter's Grist Mill, Sandwich, Massachusetts!

Just a few images of Sandwich, Massachusett's "famed" Dexter's Grist Mill. Beautiful area of the Cape. I spent my first day on the Cape exploring Sandwich before heading over to Centerville, which I discovered, was about a fifteen minute drive to the Inn. They were doing some sprucing up to the mill as you can see from some of the new boards. Supposedly there were swans in the pond by the mill but I didn't see any during my visit. The little town of Sandwich has some really great antique shops and other boutique shops, as well as some great places to dine. I spent several hours around the town checking out the beaches and the area.

It's going to be 95 degrees in Louisville most of next week. Could somebody please, please turn down the heat. I was really hoping to get out and enjoy some of this early Fall weather, but apparently Summer isn't quite done with us yet. ENJOY!


  1. THis is a pretty cool find! Don't knock the heat, we went from polo shirts to flannel shirts in one day!

  2. Come to the Rocky Mts, Carol - summer is definitely over here! Love this old mill, and I can only imagine good eateries are to be found in "Sandwich"!