Saturday, September 18, 2010

Historic Sandwich, Massachusetts!

Sandwich is such a nice small town on the Cape. If I didn't need to check in at the Inn I would have spent more time and actually walked out on the boardwalk. Even though they charge $10 to park your car. However, I did manage to get a few quick photos. It was a crystal clear day and there was a breeze. I don't have a filter on my digital camera so unfortunately the blue haze came through on the boardwalk images. It was a mild 79 degrees that day and after coming from 95 degrees, I was a happy camper. ENJOY!


  1. The blues in that first photo are perfect, Carol - very crisp! I had never before heard of Sandwich. Hope your KY weather has cooled.

  2. I'm with Barb, I think the tone is just right. Have you ever tried to change the color with editing software?