Monday, August 23, 2010

Nantucket Island Images

Such a beautiful afternoon to photograph lighthouses and beach houses. The Nantucket Island Tour host was moving fast along the road around Nantucket Island. I managed to get a few photographs in spite of her haste. This is beautiful Sankaty Head Lighthouse. Did you know this is the first lighthouse to receive a Frensel lense as its original equipment. This was back in 1848. Fishermen dubbed it the "blazing star" as it could be seen 20 miles away. This lense was replaced in 1950 by aerobeacons, but the original lense was preserved and is on display at the Nantucket Whaling Museum. I wished I'd had time to stop there and check out some of the history. ENJOY!


  1. I'll bet you can see that lighthouse from a long way out. I am so glad the weather was nice for your visit. These are great shots.

  2. Your wonderful photos of Nantucket bring back memories. We have friends with a beautiful home there - I haven't visited it in 20 years, but I remember the island's charms.