Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swamps and Lake, Mustatatuck NWR

After you enter Mustatatuck, you'll make a few turns on the road and then come to Reichart Lake. Where normally there aren't much in the way of herons and geese, they seemed to mostly congregate in the lake this visit. The lilypads are really robust along the banks of the lake. As you drive the car route through the refuge, you pass many marshes and swamplands until you finally come to the two largest marshes. I always feel compelled to photograph these same two trees nearly every time I visit the refuge. They just seem to beckon to be photographed so I ablige. Upon leaving the refuge, I encountered several large deer along the road and one eating along the side of the road. I guess all this rain we've had has left them with food aplenty. Enjoy!


  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    These shots kind of look like where I grew up in Oklahoma. Totally different from Maine, don't you think? When are you headed coastal?

  2. Sandy, I had to delay my coastal trip until the first week of August but it's on the books and I can't wait. You grew up in Oklahoma and now you're in Maine. Wow! I've lived in Louisville all my life. Although I've traveled a great deal in the US. Carol

  3. Lovely series of post and pics from Mustatatuck. Nothing wrong with photographing the same trees Carol...they are a lovely pair. I'm guilty of repeatedly taking shots of the same sad is that..Lol. Have a good weekend. FAB.