Sunday, June 13, 2010

Heat Wave!

No photos to post at the moment just a quick note to say "HEAT WAVE". I can barely even go out of doors today, yesterday, tomorrow. Have you ever tried to run sales call in the 95 degree heat. That is what is in store for me tomorrow, the next day and the day after, and . . . every day this week. But I'll survive. Drink lots of water, run the AC in the car between calls full blast. You get the picture. Hope your weekend is going well.


  1. Hi Carol,
    I have to laugh at how different our worlds are! We got 4" of heavy snow in the night. It's still snowing on the high peaks. My yard/gardens are once again white! Is it really the middle of June?

  2. Barb, I hope you read this reply. I would give a bunch of money for the 4" of heavy snow you have. Although back the first of March the snow of February was driving me batty. Yes, our worlds are hugely different. Perhaps some day I'll get to see Colorado. Carol