Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

I often post about Bernheim and decided it was high time to post a few photos of the barn which has many flower gardens surrounding it, as well as the lake. As you drive past the arboretum and welcome center if you turn left and follow the road you will enter the forest itself. In the forest you'll find picnic areas, many hiking trails and a fire tower you can climb. The one thing that resonates through me every time I visit here is the peacefulness that fills you as you enjoy a walk along the paths. On any given visit you will encounter a myriad of animals. I've seen snakes, turtles, geese, deer. The list goes on. In addition to all of the animals, just walking among all of the beautiful blooming flowers and taking in all the variety of plants and trees is a treat. If you are feeling stressed when you drive in Bernheim, chances are you won't feel stressed when you leave. Enjoy!

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  1. Everything is so green. See - your rain is good for something!