Tuesday, December 22, 2009

European Starling

Today is my first post of birds, other than the occasional turkey or heron. I hope all of my fellow bloggers who feature birds routinely feel I'm doing you proud. At least I'm trying. This is the Eastern Starling or also known as the Common Starling. They are plentiful and number in the millions. Brought over in the 19th Century by Shakespearean enthusiasts, these birds quickly flourished. It took me a bit to identify the bird as a lot of photos didn't show their wintery white spots which makes them look quite different from their usual summer photographs. When the sun shone on their back feathers they had a green and blue sheen. Kind of a cool little bird or at the very least colorful. Enjoy!

Oh, and on a personal note to Kelly, Red and the Peanut, it's possible you can catch up by Christmas Eve. I have faith in you. Give it your best shot! Carol


  1. In case I don’t have a chance to say it later, Merry Christmas Carol!

  2. Carol, you've done these guys proud.

    Christmas Best Wishes from across the water.

    Cheers, Frank.

  3. Nice shots - makes these guys look really handsome.

  4. Lovely images,fantastic light capture.