Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Here's to a little bit of a crazy Monday. Blew out a brand new tire on the highway. Made about 25 stops. Too much work, too little time. Enjoy!


  1. Such beautiful color. Sorry to hear about your tire! Be careful out there!

  2. YIKES! I had to catch my breath with this one. The reddish-orange flame coloring is outstanding, especially pitted against the deep, gorgeous greens. This is just beautiful...

    ...yuck.....sorry about the tire (and the fact it was brand new). No fun and doing it on the highway is so dangerous. Glad you were okay...

  3. Hello carol what a lovely picture so bright and happy. By the way thank you for your continued support your a wonderful person. Please come by my blog I have left you a little gift. Take care my Blogger Friend. Hugs Crista