Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stonington, Deer Isle, Maine #3

So glad you decided to take this trip with me. The last few days I showed you a foggy Stonington harbor. Today, well what a difference a day makes. We have lots of beautiful sunshine.

We pull into Stonington which basically is a two lane road running along the waterfront. On one side of the main street are shops, galleries, restaurants and a quaint motel where many of the professional photographers stay while they're in town to photograph this beautiful village. On the other side of the main street, sitting next to the waterfront, are houses, shops and restaurants, and behind that is the beautiful harbor with its many sizes and shapes of boats. We pass the main section of Stonington and come to the pier on our left. Let's drive out onto the pier and park the car. Wow, looking back onto the little village of Stonington from the waterfront, it is so beautiful here.

The first image is my favorite photograph taken of the village of Stonington looking back from the pier. In this image you see houses, shops and restaurants lining the waterfront. The second image I took because I loved this house sitting right up next to the pier and how the rocks frame the shoreline.

Stonington. Truly a unique yet beautiful place to visit. Just think, the local fishermen come sailing in after a long hard day of checking their lobster traps and what do they see as they pull into the harbor, but this beautiful little village welcoming them home. I knew you would love this trip. I'm so glad you're along for the ride. We're not done yet. So stay tuned! Enjoy!!


  1. Ahhh, I like these views. Thanks for sharing this unique place with us!

  2. A beautiful series! I haven't been to Stonington in over 20 years. I forgot how nice it was.

  3. beautiful...and so different from what I get to see here in Ohio!

  4. I love Stonington, Carol. So different from Mt. Desert Island.