Monday, September 28, 2009

Stonington, Deer Isle, Maine #4

That's right. We're still in Stonington, Maine, taking in all the sights. Almost done though. Couldn't leave Stonington without sharing some of the local flavor in the way of boating. I love the blue skies and the blue water. It was such a gorgeous day and I felt so blessed to have happened upon it. For those of you who live near water, I envy you. The closet thing to water here in Kentucky is the Ohio and I'm sorry but it just doesn't compare to the harbors of Maine. And by the way it had taken me thirty years to get back to Maine from when I first visited which is why I chose this destination. I loved it then . . . I love it now.

I really hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them. Believe it or not so far everything you've seen was photographed right off the pier. Amazing. Stay tuned. There's more coming. Enjoy!!


  1. Beautiful set of pictures Carol. Love the way I just wanted to say Thank you for your wonderful comments again on my blog. I try my best to bring nature to the fore front as much as possible and try to capture what we overlook at times. The simple things the everyday things....when you finally see them they are beautiful. Have a wonderful day Carol and again I love your shots.

  2. I especially like the second shot - the juxtaposition of the row boats versus the motor boats is a nice touch.