Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Quaint Arts & Crafts Village in Brown County, Indiana

I traveled to southcentral Indiana today to visit a truly unique little arts and crafts village called Nashville. It's about an hour north of Louisville, just a few minutes off of I-65. With the temperatures in the 60's and 70's today, so totally not the typical August weather for Louisville, it was a great day to get out of town. Nashville is a very small town but has a huge variety of shops. As I walked the village I took a few photos of the storefronts and, of course, some of the flowers along the walkways. Three or four times a year I visit Nashville to shop but mostly to get away from the everyday. I hope you enjoy the pics I took with my digital camera. I think I might actually be getting the hang of the macro function. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh Wow!! I love Arts N Crafts stores and these pictures just make me want to jump right into my Van and take a very very very...LOL Long drive from Canada down there.