Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, Seymour, Indiana

Sometime back I posted a barn image from Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge. This past Sunday on my way home from Nashville, Brown County, Indiana, I took some images of the wildlife and wetlands at the refuge. This particular visit netted a wide variety of wildlife. The wetlands water level, as is always in the summer months, is very low. It's odd but almost every time I visit here, I come away with one dominate thought. Life goes on, one season after another, wilst we are here or are away. You see this in the wildlife that flourish throughout this refuge.

These are digital images. It has to be said that my Pentax would have done a much better job of it, but nonetheless, here are the digital images I took. I give you commarants, blue heron, egrets and turtles. It's worth a visit. Enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful Scenic shots!!! Everything is so lush and green. Nice :) Green is my most favorite color. Have a wonderful day