Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paradise Found!

This gorgeous area of Illinois is known as Horseshoe Lake. With it's swamps, cypress knobs and tupelo trees dominating the landscape, southern Illinois is truly a nature lover's paradise. It's been called the Ohio River Bayou. There are close to 15 bald eagles who winter here each season. While this area is very remote, it is truly beautiful and virtually unspoiled. I was lucky enough to visit when a group of nature lovers were launching their canoes off a nearby boatramp. Watching them row out into the lake, one by one, in this backdrop really was a treat. Nearby also was a small grove of bamboo shoots or is that bamboo trees. Something you won't see often in the United States, not to my knowledge. Enjoy!

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  1. Stunning picture...I'm going to file away your information and keep it in mind for next summer. You never know I might convince my husband to drive me down to check it out!! Nature is my passion no question about that. Thank you for you wonderful description too.