Sunday, May 13, 2018

Boblink, Life Bird #2, Duck River Unit

The Duck River Unit of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge is a huge haven for birds who love grasslands, reeds and endless fields of wildflowers. Yesterday, I captured this beauty along the side of the road where the grasses were a tad taller. As I neared him, he would fly off obviously. He was accompanied by four or five other Bobolinks. This is a second life bird in one day for me!

Sorry for the very cropped image and horrific background, but I had to share as this Bobolink's markings are so unique. A yellow backed head and white wings. I read Bobolinks breed in the north central and north east areas of the United States. They migrate to the Southern states. The Duck River Unit would be a perfect habitat for them to breed. No doubt why they chose to stop over here. When I can't identify a bird in the field, I snap images and crop tightly in my software to identify them. This was the only descent image worth posting and I only post it as it's a life bird. I couldn't help myself. My bird life list is growing. It's a scorcher today if you are in the Midwest and especially the South in the States, so hydrate. ENJOY!

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