Sunday, August 13, 2017

National Lighthouse Day

August 7th was National Lighthouse Day! Paying homage to these beautiful rustic structures of by gone days,
I wanted to share a few of the lighthouses I have photographed over the years from my travels around the Eastern United States.
Lighthouses are very much like old barns. They are aged by time, cherished by all and photographed by many.

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Down East Maine, Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Big Red Lighthouse, Lake Michigan, Holland, Michigan

Hooper Straight Lighthouse, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels, Maryland

Pumpkin Island Lighthouse, Eggmoggin Reach, Little Deer Isle, Maine

Point Betsie Lighthouse, Lake Michigan, Frankfurt, Michigan

Brant Point Lighthouse, Nantucket Harbor, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Sankaty Head Lighthouse, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Assateague Light, Assateague National Seashore, Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light, Lake Michigan, Grand Haven, Michigan

Did you know Lake Michigan is dotted with lighthouses far and wide. What a discovery as I visited many of the quaint little towns that dot the landscape along western Michigan's lake shore.

On another trip, I visited beautiful Cape Cod, where I took a ferry ride to Nantucket Island. Needless to say, I happened upon two lighthouses. My favorite was Brant Point Lighthouse which greets you as you enter Nantucket Harbor.

On a week long trek hob knobbing around Mid Coast and Down East Maine, in beautiful New England, I was fortunate enough to capture a few images of the famous, and oft photographed, Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. This beautiful lighthouse sits on the tip of Mt. Desert Island in Down East Maine.

It bears mentioning I came upon several beautiful lighthouse on a trip to two national seashores in Maryland and Virginia. On Chesapeake Bay, the maritime museum was so amazing as I walked around the grounds taking in old artifacts from days gone by. But the real highlight was capturing the Hooper Straight Lighthouse which sits on the museum's grounds next to the bay. I had seen this unusual lighthouse displayed in numerous tourism brochures. Yet, I never thought I would ever get to photograph it. But on this particular day it was right there for the snapping.

I truly love photographing lighthouses. I hope you enjoyed this trip back in time and I can't help but wonder if you have a favorite of all the lighthouses I have captured. Do tell. ENJOY!


  1. I believe Assateague would be my favorite. They are all lovely

  2. I'm surprised you love the Assateague, but that was the best birding place I had ever been to in my life for photographing birds. I photographed so many different species that it was just awesome. You should plan a trip there one day. Carol

  3. You've photographed some interesting lighthouses!

  4. They are beautiful! My favorite is the red one, of course. But they are all so appealing.

  5. Oh, you like the one that is also one of my favorites. I have to say I really enjoyed photographing that one. I shot it from all angles really and in different light. Carol

  6. Hallo Carol ! Nice photos all but my favorite is Big Red Lighthouse. I like colours :)

  7. Oh I love that one too. So glad you stopped by. Your fireworks shots were amazing. Carol

  8. You should plan a trip there one day. Carol