Sunday, July 2, 2017

Flowers at Madison Creek Farms

Oh, Summer how art thou! I am so happy to see you have finally arrived in my part of the world.
With warm, sunny days and bright blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds drifting aimlessly.
The bees buzzing, the butterflies flitting and the beautiful flowers blooming in the gardens.

Just a quick post of one of the flower images I captured today at Madison Creek Farm in Goodlettsville. Their gardens were buzzing feverishly with tons of bees feasting on Zinnias and Sunflowers and Poppies. I lost my light as a weather front was moving in, but wanted to share this image as I especially liked the composition. ENJOY!


  1. This is a beautiful image...

  2. I love it. The composition is nice. I love the old fence line at the top. Carol