Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oh Baby! Oh Baby!

The story at the Heron Rookery on Old Hickory Lake, just a short distance from where I live, goes something like this. First comes the nest building. Then there's the tending to the nest. The flying in and out bringing twigs and building up the nest. The flying in and out to drop an occasional bite to eat. Or just the occasional flying in and out for no reason.

After much ado about the making or tidying up of the nest, then comes the waiting game. Sitting on the nest. Standing by the nest. Waiting patiently for something to happen at the nest.

And finally, after many many weeks, the eggs hatch, the parents fly in and out and in and out feeding and tending to the little ones. To our amazement they grow like weeds and before too long, they are almost ready to fledge. Oh, and did I mention it's getting just a tad crowded in the nest too.

At long last, Dad is patiently waiting on the lawn for the fledging. This is the life. It's not just the life for Great Blue Herons either. It's the life for Black Crowned Night Herons, black Cormorants and Great White Egrets. All roosting together as a colony in one huge tree right on the waters edge. Yes, the rookery was a busy spot a few weeks ago when I visited. I didn't see any fledgings on the lawn, but perhaps there have been some since. Perhaps I will pay a visit soon. The weekend is coming and bringing much rain with it. Wherever you are, I wish for you bright sunshine, blue skies and fluffy white clouds. ENJOY!


  1. It's surely a hard life as a heron, and there is always something happening. Great photos, super sharp focus, and at last,one down low on the grass. It might well be the life for them, but for you and your camera, the best.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jean. I hope all is well with you. Your cold season is beginning, my hot one is already upon us. Take care. Carol

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    1. I love the babies one. They are so cute. Carol

  4. Hi Carol. A glorious review of life in the crowded Heron Rookery.

    Last week I witnessed the sights, sounds and smells of Cormorants, Herons and Spoonbills nesting together in a drowned forest on Lake Kerniki in Northern Greece. Have posted an initial introduction but more images to come on both blogs when I've sorted through the myriad of pics!

  5. OMG Frank that trip sounds wonderful. I can't wait to see what you have. I'll go over and check it out. Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well with you. Carol

  6. Great captures...I bet it is wonderful to live close to the rookery!

  7. Thank you so much Rose. I absolutely love having it right down the road from my place. I love living right on the lake. Carol