Tuesday, April 4, 2017

San Francisco Skyline

Plying the waters of San Francisco Bay, our dinner cruise ship, the San Francisco Belle, finally pulled away from the Port of San Francisco. The sun was coming down on this day as I captured this image of Coit Tower sitting high up on a hill.

Night descended onto the city as our boat crossed San Francisco Bay headed to the Golden Gate Bridge, I captured several images of the city's skyline bathed in various degrees of blue light.

One of the last images before night engulfed the skyline. I hope you enjoyed these images of the San Francisco skyline as night fell on the city. ENJOY!


  1. That is my choice for a boat cruise, inner harbour ,...VERY calm waters, ...and those night lights are wonderful.

  2. You still out there enjoying yourself!?

  3. Oh, I did enjoy these...night scenes of a city are always nice.