Friday, March 3, 2017

Dog Days of Spring Are Coming

Things are turning up Spring everywhere you look here in Tennessee. There are flowering Japanese Magnolias and bright yellow Daffodils and even a few early blooming Tulips. In the shops, there are a plethora of bunnies. There are bunny figurines and ceramic bunnies and chocolate bunnies and faux grass covered bunnies. There are eggs everywhere. Faux speckled eggs in pink and blue and yellow and chocolate eggs and marshmallow eggs and even malted milk eggs. Easter baskets have popped up too. You can find wooden baskets and metal baskets and faux grass baskets. Are you a fan of Peeps? I love the yellow and pink ones especially. Yes, Spring is in the air and everywhere. Have a fabulous weekend. ENJOY!


  1. Easter?? Already??Love the soft background, and spring should be with you soon, as we are well into Autumn. One Japanese Maple has already changed to golden brown, leaves everywhere are falling, and mornings are so dark!!! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Well I love your dogwood blooms but its not spring here in Pa. The temp didn't get out of the 20's all day and we had snow squalls some severe which caused multi car pileups.

    Enjoy spring, I have to wait awhile yet.