Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Waterlily Gardens, Gibbs Gardens

As beautiful as the lush Japanese Gardens were with the gorgeous foliage and large ponds with the Weeping Willow branches draped over the water, the Waterlily Gardens at Gibbs Gardens was simply gorgeous. Clumps of Waterlilies blooming in vibrant captivating colors graced the many ponds of the Waterlily Gardens. There are supposedly 140 varieties of Waterlilies that bloom here throughout the year.

The water source here comes from underground springs adding to the natural feeling you get as you walk among the ponds. As you meander from path to path, you encounter wooden bridges, covered bridges and even natural rock bridges, not to mention small waterfalls and even a Japanese pagoda. Remarkably, this Waterlily Garden has the largest natural display of Waterlilies in the nation.

The star of this feature garden though is the Waterlily flowers in bloom with their vibrant yellows, pinks, blues and lavenders. Before I left Gibbs for the day, I took a second walk around this particular garden as it was so captivating an experience. I was in my glory with all of the color and the beautiful Lily Pads. On this particular day the temperatures were milder than had been all Summer which I had noted on the forecast while planning this trip. I knew I would be spending three or four hours or longer walking throughout these gardens and I wanted the day to be somewhat mild. Thankfully, it was. What a magical place. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them. ENJOY!

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  1. beautiful colors on these water lillies.