Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dragonfly in Waterlily Gardens

Here's one of the many frequent visitors to the Waterlily Gardens. A beautiful Blue Dasher, as Steve would say at Shooting My Universe. Not everyone would, but I consider Steve to be one of the consummate Dragonfly photographers here in the States. Why? Well, he's photographed a few!

The Waterlilies were aplenty as I walked around the Waterlily Gardens at Gibbs. Such vivid color, such glorious shapes, such a beautiful setting. I simply must go back. I think I see a trip on the horizon in Spring, when the fields of Gibbs are covered in thousands of Daffodils, and the gardens are laden with every color Tulip one can conjure up in one's mind. Well, I am a tad under the weather so I haven't left comments this week, but I sure did check out everyone's beautiful posts and they were just that, beautiful. I hope you enjoyed my walk in the Waterlily Gardens, and the beautiful specimen I chose to feature today, as much as I enjoyed sharing it. ENJOY!

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