Saturday, August 20, 2016

Blue Aster Dreams

At Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood, Kentucky, many seasons back, I walked among the gardens and captured images of brightly colored flowers blooming throughout the flower beds. These Blue Asters were blooming in abundance as I stopped to captured a couple of images. Butterflies were flitting all around the blooms while a cool breeze blew. It was the perfect Fall day in Kentucky with plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

Here in Tennessee, there are signs of Fall's approach slowly creeping into my daily life. As I shop online I see new Fall decor showing up in the web stores. As I travel around the city, I see 'Help Wanted' signs perched on lawns and hanging on drive thru windows everywhere, as teenagers have returned to their books, leaving shops and restaurants in need of help.

Browsing local boutiques and shops, I discover new displays set out for Halloween with wreaths and garland and witches on brooms adorning tables and mantels alike. Soon there will be pumpkins and hay bales and dried corn stalks lining doorways, walkways and driveways. Temps will wane to chilly and the nights will turn crisp. Talk of witch's brews and cauldrons, of scarecrows coming to life in the night, will bring fright to the faces of youngsters. Falling leaves and painted pumpkins, candy corn and trick or treats. Fall is making it's way in as the dusty, heat saturated days of Summer bid us a fond farewell. I hope you have enjoyed this post as I bring you beautiful flowers and my fond memories of Fall's past. Wherever you may be on today, I wish you a wonderful weekend. ENJOY!


  1. I'm very much waiting on fall if only for cooler weather. But I love the colors of autumn leaves.

  2. Our Asters are blooming in the forests here at altitude - a sure sign of fall. Yours are much more prolific, of course - ours grow in small clumps along the trails and in meadows.