Sunday, August 7, 2016

Amish, Southern Kentucky

Today was the perfect day for a Sunday drive with blue skies, fluffy white clouds and abundant sunshine. My intinerary was simple. A short drive to a small community of Amish farms tucked away just west of Scottsville, in south central Kentucky. I wasn't disappointed as I reached the area in about a thirty to forty minute drive from my home. This community of Mennonites settled here many years past in search of affordable farmland having left their larger Mennonite community in Pennsylvania.

I had thought about visiting here for some time and only wished it were a day their farm markets were open. These people have peacefully co-existed here in southern Kentucky for many years, while our modern technologically-driven world surrounds them. They choose to live a 'plain' life, as they call it, with no electricity, working machinery or plumbing. It was evident everywhere I looked as horse drawn buggies and windmills blowing in the wind were plentiful.

This small community is situated within a mere seven mile stretch of land near Scottsville. They are self sustaining with their farms, school, church and shops all located within that small area. Most of the farmers, however, depend on big box stores all across our country to buy their crops. Those farmers that choose not to sell to the outside world operate roadside stands or markets, such as Habegger's Amish Market, within the community itself which attracts visitors from all over the country.

This small group of farmers settled here many years ago because they felt the modern world was encroaching on their simple way of life in central Pennsylvania where their larger Mennonite community exists.

As I was leaving the Amish area, I passed a farm where a little Amish girl was walking up the lane toward her house with her doll in her arms. I know Amish don't like their photo taken, but she wouldn't turn around so I could just get the back of her, so I finally snapped this image as I wanted a photo of her. I hope your weekend has been a good one. The temperatures and humidity today were much more bearable, yet I know it won't last. With this being the hottest Summer on record, or at best, one of them, I am looking forward to Fall. ENJOY!


  1. Their way of life so appeals, no stress, but again, no internet maybe, and no blog friends. I am so glad I do not have to decide, but I see your photos and so admire them for their choice.

  2. Such an interesting cukture! We have a fair number of Mennonites around here, and see them in town.

  3. We grew up and raised our children in Lancaster County, PA. On Sundays, the Amish would clip clop by our house on their way to meeting. I actually had a good friend who was old order horse and buggy Mennonite. She invited me to her wedding dinner. Yum!

  4. We have alot of Amish where I live. I enjoy photographing their neat as a pin farms.