Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia trees are found throughout all of the Southeastern United States, although they are more common along the Gulf coast and the southern Atlantic shore. While Palm trees dot the landscape in the southeastern states, Bald Cypress trees grow in the Louisiana swamps, and rows of Georgia Peach and Florida Orange trees thrive in groves throughout Georgia and Florida, one would think one of those trees would be synonymous of the South. Not so. The Southern Magnolia holds that crown.

As images of the old Southern Plantations are conjured up, the Southern Magnolia tree undoubtedly comes to mind. I can see the Southern Belles sitting under the Magnolia trees in their long flowing dresses sipping glasses of sweet tea and chatting about their Southern gentlemen. Those are bygone days obviously. You can, however, still tour many of the old plantations around the South to this day, and no doubt, you will find a Southern Magnolia tree or two growing on the grounds.

Every Spring I would spend time at Bernheim photographing the Japanese Magnolias with their blush pink and pale yellow blooms. While there are few Japanese Magnolias here in Nashville, Southern Magnolias are plentiful. I hope to capture a few more photos before the heat browns the pedals and the gorgeous blooms wither. Have a great week all. ENJOY!


  1. fabulous. the magnolias around my house froze this year.