Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cheekwood In Bloom

As Spring approached, I anxiously awaited the colorful Tulips as they began to bloom at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. It is Easter weekend and I thought it no more appropriate time to offer a special post featuring these vibrant blooms. There are Tulips virtually at every turn as you walk around the gardens surrounding the Botanical Hall.

I am especially in love with the Crepe Myrtles that grow year round around the hall as well. The smooth multi hued bark attracts you like a bee to honey. Coupled with the multi colored Tulips in Spring, there is no better combination of color and texture.

Cheekwood features a variety of shrubs, bushes, trees and flowers throughout all of the many different types of gardens. But my favorite garden has to be the Robert Ellis Color Garden which is situated right behind the Botanical Hall. If you are an avid follower, you know how I am drawn to the vibrant gorgeous color in flowers and blooming trees. There is nothing more special in nature to me than seeing a plant come to life with color. It just makes me smile.

I wanted to leave you with this last image which features a special variety of Tulip. With its deep red and the slightest hint of yellow stripe on the outer edge of each pedal, it is truly exceptional. Perhaps that is why this variety was named World Peace.

This week has been a difficult week with the terrorist attacks having taken place in Belgium. The attacks touched the lives of Americans here in the States, not to mention so many people throughout the entire world. When I paused to capture these images of this gorgeous flower array, I thought of all of the people affected by violence and terror. It touches every person in some way throughout their lifetime. For many it brings anguish, not to mention heartbreak, sadness, despair, and especially fear. I wish for everyone on this special weekend a wonderful and peaceful Easter. No matter how you choose to celebrate this special time, know that God is all around us and we must find peace in every part of our lives. ENJOY!

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  1. My eyes cannot get enough of your tulips! What a gorgeous display. Your photos are like a gift on this snowy CO day! Happy Easter, Carol.

  2. As I read different blogs I continue to be amazed at the different seasons in different places! We won't see Tulips for several weeks yet.

  3. I totally love that first shot!

  4. WOW! Amazing beautiful colors tulips!

  5. These are so beautiful!! Tulips are now blooming in our mountain communities, as is Dogwood trees and daffodils seem to still be going strong. Nice blog you have.