Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wildlife Tennessee

Here in Tennessee, there is a plethora of wildlife opportunities at almost every turn in the road. Since making this my home a year ago, I have traveled from local wetlands to state parks to wildlife refuges to national parks. All along the way I have photographed the wildlife. Today I wanted to share a few of those images with you in a grouping so that you can see the beautiful wild that is Tennessee.

From top to bottom left to right, Turtle Radnor Lake, Black Bear Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Fawn Long Hunter State Park, Muskrat Murfree Springs Wetland, Elk Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Blue Clearwing Dragonfly Murfree Springs Wetlands, Insect Couchville Cedar Glen State Natural Area, Eastern Comma Butterfly and Black Bear Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Osprey Cross Creek National Wildliife Refuge, Yellow Clouded Butterfly Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Great White Egret Cross Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Green Frog Murfree Spring Wetlands, Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Elk Great Smoky Mountains National Park and finally Doe Bledsoe Creek State Park.

Before I leave you today, it bears mentioning I have been battling a serious case of bronchitis. While I am not well, I hope by this time next week to say it's out of here. Being indoors so much has reminded me of three things that Winter serves up that I am not a fan of. The first is the frigid temperatures, not to mention the ups and downs in the temperatures we have had this Winter. The second is the barren landscape with no beautiful delicate flowers to beautify it. Last, but not least, are the many viruses that thrive best indoors in our warm homes only to take hold and bring our very lives to a virtual standstill. I hope wherever you are today you are well and having a fabulous weekend. Can Spring be far away. ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful collection with bright colours. Down here, we need COOL, with days of 30 Celsius plus, days on end, no rain anywhere soon near us. Get well soon, your spring must be round the first corner.

  2. What a beautiful and colourful collage of your photos Carol! You have captured a lot of creatures since you moved there. I'm sorry to hear about the bronchitis and hope you are starting to feel much better now. We are headed for a very cold spell the next few days here which I'm not looking forward to as I just want to stay inside. Take care.

  3. Such great wildlife photos. It's no fun being sick! Hope you're feeling much better Carol.