Monday, September 7, 2015

Thatched Cabin, Howe Garden

It is late Summer at Cheekwood and there is ample evidence that Fall is slowing creeping in. Inside the botanical gardens there are a variety of different types of gardens. After several visits one quickly becomes fond of particular gardens. I am not surprised that I am becoming quite fond of the Herb Garden and the Wildflower Garden. Both are filled with plants and flowers and fluttering butterflies and busy bees all around.

At the entrance to the Wildflower Garden, officially the Howe Garden which was just renovated in 2012, sits a quaint thatched cabin. On the opposite side of the cabin there is a small woodland like setting with wildflowers growing around the trees. Meander along the garden path and you come to a beautiful arbor. Walking through the arbor, you nudge yourself to turn and look back at the setting. This is the scene that awaits you with the thatched cabin quaintly setting in the background and the plants surrounding the cabin. I hope this sets the stage for a relaxing Labor Day everyone. ENJOY!


  1. I love that natural setting and the stonework on the cabin.

  2. This is truly a beautiful setting, and if it were just a tad larger, I would be so happy living there, Tall grasses in the front, what joy to see them waving in the wind.