Friday, September 11, 2015

Elk, Land Between the Lakes

While visiting the Land Between the Lakes Elk and Bison Prairie, I wasn't sure I would even see the Elk as it was the middle of the day. Elk tend to come out early in the morning and later in the afternoon or early evening. The first drive through the prairie, I captured this image of an Elk resting near a thicket of trees and brush not far from the road. This was the only Elk visible at that time.

On my second visit, the same Elk was still resting in the same place I had left him about an hour and a half before. As I approached the area in my car and pulled into a parking lot, the Elk popped up and walked gingerly over to the brush. He munched on leaves from the brush and trees for a bit which allowed me to capture a few images. There are about 55 Elk residing in the prairie right now. I can only attest to there being one as that is all I saw.

Normally, when I see the Elk in the Smokies they are grazing on grasses in the meadow so it was rather nice to get to see them doing something a bit different. They are such huge animals. When meandering my way through the Bison a few minutes earlier, an Elk had gotten too close to the Bison and was ran off by several of them. I don't know if it was this Elk. My guess would be it was a different one.

It has been a wet Friday here in Nashville. It is supposed to clear up by mid day tomorrow. I have a few images of the Bison to share with you. It goes without saying that I have been working really hard since I moved to Nashville. So it has been nice to get out the past few weeks and pay a visit to Fall Creek Falls, Cheekwood and the Elk and Bison Prairie at Land Between the Lakes. Have a great weekend. And to those who lost their lives in 9/11 and those who survived to live on in their name, God Bless You. ENJOY!


  1. Hope you have a chance to get out in Nature this weekend, Carol. It's such a thrill to see these majestic animals. My son and his family live near a protected Elk Habitat named Elk Meadows. I sometimes see them grazing in the grasslands.

  2. We saw those Elk (and the Buffalo) when we were there, but none in southern Ontario!

  3. #1, the pick for me, he looks so relaxed, and what a perfect setting.

  4. geweldig mooi vooral de eerste .

  5. They are much larger than I expected. Nice photos.