Tuesday, July 28, 2015

White Water Lily, Garden Conservatory

Beautiful White Water Lilies were blooming everywhere throughout the Garden Conservatory and Cascades at Opryland Hotel yesterday. Something I didn't realize, the White Water Lily also goes by the name of Fragrant Water Lily, as it has a fragrant scent. Although I would imagine for the average individual it might be hard to smell that scent what with the Lily being too far away in the water to get a sniff. I love the large Lily Pads.

There are several atriums at Opryland Hotel, the Magnolia South, the Garden Conservatory, the Cascades and the Delta Islands. There is also a large Exhibition Hall and an Event Center. And did I mention the ginormous number of guest rooms the hotel offers. I want to stay in one, but we are talking a twenty drive from my place so I guess that won't be happening anytime soon. This being my initial visit I counted on a great deal of walking. Boy was that an understatement. Knowing I wanted to see most of the atriums or canopies as they call them, I got to every one except the Magnolia South. Got to see that one soon. Every canopy had steps going up and down eveywhere and escalators and elevators and walkways galore. Wear comfortable shoes if you plan to visit.

When you feel you have the best perspective in any one of the canopies, walk across to the opposite side and you will see a better one. I need to go back soon because they just started putting up decorations for the holidays. Did I mention the Rockettes have a show during the Holiday. I may have to see that. The decorations, I am told, are stunning. Have to see those too. I loved the way there were shops all around the Delta Islands and restaurants in or near all of the canopies. I ate lunch at Solara Cantina Mexican Restaurant. It was really scrumptous. Back soon. ENJOY!


  1. Gorgeous waterlilies! Lovely captures! Enjoy your day!

  2. wow that must be a fantastic hotel. maybe you could show us images of that too.

    beautiful water lilies. I like to photograph them at the arboretum too.

  3. You're having way too much fun exploring! Your water lilies look so delicate.

  4. They are so, so beautiful. I love water lilies. I guess I love all lilies...water, day, Asiatic...LOL