Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Water Photography, Tremont, GSMNP

Beautiful tiny waterfalls can be found all up and down the gravel road that leads back into the Tremont section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park just east of the Townsend exit. All one has to do to find these tiny falls is look for them.

I spent some time photographing these waters a few weeks back on my Spring outing searching diligently for the perfect elements essential for a great waterfall image. One needs water rushing over rocks, of course. But, water rushing over boulders is even better. Take that a step further and add moss on the rocks coupled with the large granite boulders and what a great combination. Throw in a tree along the bank with low hanging branches. Then as you stand with your tripod attempting to photograph this beautiful scene, you realize there are variations in the water falling off the rocks which could bring a dimension to your image you hadn't planned on. Hopefully, these elements will still work well together.

There's one other thing that can impact your composition. The wind. The wind would not cease blowing the leaves just the faintest bit so I could never quite get the perfect shot of the water with the leaves sharp and crisp. UGH! No worries. I am not out to win the Nobel Prize for waterfall imagery. Just hoping to create a gorgeous scene that hopefully, you as my reader, will be able to transport yourself to.

Stand with me here in this spot and take in all of these gorgeous elements. Are you there yet? Can you hear the water? That breeze that wouldn't stop blowing the leaves, well it's a nice touch as the sun shines brightly and the water rushes fiercely over the rocks heading down river. Back soon. ENJOY!


  1. I always admire your water images, Carol. I have no patience with mine. Yes, I am transported into the scene.

  2. Hi Carol, I'm just getting caught up with your recent posts. I've been down in Florida again. Of course, I love the Common Pondhawk below!

  3. It is a beautiful waterfall Carol, and I can imagine the coolness of the water and the area around it.

  4. Waterfalls are really difficult! Great work!

  5. Love your waterfall image. I love the soothing sound of water tumbling over rocks.