Sunday, June 28, 2015

Evin's Mill, Highland Rim

Nestled against the western tip of Tennesesee's Highland Rim situated at the base of the Cumberland Plateau sits Evin's Mill. The land the mill sits on today was purchased in 1824 and three separate families built mills on the land over the years. Finally, in 1937 Edgar Evins bought the property and two years later built Evin's Mill.

The mill doesn't operate today and sits on privately owned property with an inn situated across the creek accessible via the boardwalk. The Evin's family was politically prominent during the racially charged '60's. If you reside in the States you no doubt have heard of Edgar Evins and his tragic death.

The area around the mill is a typical country setting with a woods on three sides. The drive was only about forty minutes from my place and made for a nice Sunday afternoon. As I stood next to the pond, looking out at the mill to capture this image, the Common Pond Hawk Dragonfly buzzed around my feet.

The oppressive heat here in Tennessee has finally broken. We're now enjoying temperatures in the 70's and 80's with virtually no humidity and I, for one, am so very thankful to the Weather Gods. I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to a wonderful week. ENJOY!


  1. mooi dat het weer in bedrijf is de omgeving is ook prachtig.

  2. A beautiful spot. I love the photo of the dragonfly. The colour is so pretty.

  3. Hi Carol, I see your exploring your new environment. When I was hiking yesterday, there were many small blue dragonflies. They were flitting, so I didn't have a chance for a photo. Yours is a beauty.