Monday, May 25, 2015

Wood Ducks, Murfree Spring Wetlands

Murfree Spring Wetlands is a remarkable place to visit and to think that it is right in the middle of a large town is even more remarkable. I decided to visit here as it called for a shorter drive than the refuge I had planned on visiting.

The iridescent green and purple of the male Wood Duck are gorgeous, not to mention its red eyes, beautiful flare down its neck and multi colored bill. Both the male and the female share crested heads. This species is akin to the Asian Mandarin Duck.

The Wood Duck or Carolina Duck is a perching Duck known throughout North America. These Ducks prefer wooded habitats such as wooded swamps which is exactly what Murfree Spring Wetlands is known for. You can find the Wood Duck female's nest in wood boxes and tree cavities.

I tried to see if I could locate where this pair of Wood Ducks may have nested, but the swamp and its marshes were so dense it was difficult.

Another remarkable thing about these Ducks is that in the eastern and western United States 75% of Wood Ducks are permanent residents. Generally, the eastern Wood Ducks use the Atlantic Flyway while the western use the Pacific if they are not permanent, but are migratory.

I wanted to mark this Memorial Day by mentioning that I think often about those who gave their lives for our country,
as my Father did having suffered from PTSD, which ended his life at the young age of 52.
My heart goes out to those of you who are and those of you who have served for our country, 
living or dead, so America can be free. As I often see and hear 'Freedom is not Free'. God Bless America!

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  1. I can see what look like "paua shell" colours in her feathers, and he is totally stunning. Google "Paua shell" and they will be there.

  2. I love the wood ducks, the male is just beautiful. Lovely photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy new week!

  3. These are amazing photos with such detail, Carol. I was surprised at how much larger the male is. Have a good week ahead.

  4. We have them, but they are very shy. Thanks for sharing, and great pictures!