Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Life of a Great White Egret

First, the back story on this area. Two lakes meander through east Nashville. The northern lake is Old Hickory Lake while the southern lake is Percy Priest Lake. Both lakes are born out of two rivers. The northern river is the Cumberland River while the southern river is the Stones River. Old Hickory Lake is situated northeast of Nashville winding snake like east to west. Priest Lake is situated in southeast Nashville and runs north to south and can be quite wide. 

Hendersonville lies directly north of Old Hickory Lake which is where I photographed on this day. The small town of Hendersonville was made famous when Johnny Cash, one of America's iconic country music stars, made it his home late in life. Now the area is dotted with many country music stars' homes. The town itself lies about 50 miles northeast of downtown Nashville.

On this particular afternoon I drove to Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville to photograph the beautiful Great White Egret. I had seen several throughout the area. The sun was bright on this day and the Egret basically waded through what seemed about a foot of water on Old Hickory Lake near Drakes Creek Park. The Egret was a tad bit away for a really decent image, but then he lifted up out of the water.

And as luck would have it, he had spotted a large branch sticking up out of the water closer to me and landed on top of the branch. What a perfect place to perch and take a rest while at the same time keeping an eagle eye out for fish.

As the Egret settled in, I realized that he was sporting breeding plumage noted by the small patch of neon green skin on his face. I imagine long plumes called aigrettes will grow from his back further into the  breeding season. Imagine if you will the life of a Great White Egret. One of the largest wading birds on the planet, with few animals to stalk you as prey, your day comprised of flying from one location to the next, wading shallow waters of lakes and swamps, occasionally fishing when hunger sets in. As evening approaches you settle in for the night. What a life don't you think? ENJOY!

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  1. Beautiful, he posed on the right branch, and what detail shows on those snow white feathers, Magnificent, and with no fears about where to land, sit or stalk, life must be wonderful for him.

  2. Hello Carol, gorgeous shots of your Great Egret. He is a beauty, the green on his face does stand out. Thank you for linking up! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Stunning shots of your Great White Egret. Magnificent birds. Happy Critter Day!

  4. Gorgeous shots of this handsome bird!

  5. Wat is hij mooi en zeker zoals jij er een serie van heeft gemaakt.

  6. Fantastic shots of the EGRETS. Have a great week.

  7. So nice of that turtle to pose with him!