Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

As I sifted through my archives in search of an image to share with you today, I happened upon these beautiful Hydrangeas from last Summer blooming around the chamber offices in Saugatuck, Michigan. If there were a flower I could fall madly in love with and have an affair, it would be Hydrangeas. They bloom in various shapes and sizes and colors. Oftentimes, they are variegated which adds to their charm. Something about the Hydrangea screams 'Americana'.

Memorial Day weekend is approaching! Do you have great plans for the weekend? After all it is 'the official start of Summer'. Public pools around the nation officially open for the season. Teeny weeny bikinis are seen at every turn whether it be at the beach, the lake, the park or the pool. Inner tubes are hauled out of storage, pumped tight with air and ready to throw in the water for sun bathing. Is that the smell of sun tan lotion wafting through the air? Did somebody check the burgers and hot dogs on the grill? All of the ladies are rushing about preparing side dishes for the cookout. There's baked beans and old fashioned potato salad or perhaps you would prefer roast corn or fresh green beans. How about a big slice of baked Apple Pie and can I have a smidgen of fresh whipped cream. Or maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream is more your speed. What is that popping and cracking sound. Ahhh, the neighborhood kids are shooting off firecrackers. What do you say we scare up some folks and play a game of softball or touch football. We could always just throw around the Frisbee. Maybe Dad will drag out the horseshoes for a tournment. Has anybody seen a movie at the drive in theater lately?

Whatever you decide to do on this long holiday weekend, I wish you loads of fun,
delicious food and great times with your family and friends. Be safe.


  1. Beautiful blooms, and how they change colour according to the soil. Enjoy your weekend, down here we are going to have a frost in the morning!!!

  2. Beautiful hydrangea! Lovely image, Carol! Wishing you and yours a happy Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Carol, it can't possibly be summer yet, I still haven't had spring. Hope your weather in TN cooperates and you can be out and about. We just returned home from a little trip, and the forecast is for rain/snow for the weekend. We've already decided to leave town for a bit again next week. Gotta find some warmer weather. Have a good weekend. Love the hydrangea!

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