Friday, April 10, 2015

Magnolias in Bloom, Bernheim

A brief stop over at Bernheim Arboretum was on the agenda this afternoon, as I made a quick trip up and back to Louisville today to take care of some personal business.

There are pink, maroon and yellow hybrid Japanese Magnolia trees in varying stages of blooming in the arboretum at Bernheim. Although it was overcast, with the sun occasionally peeking through the cloud cover, it was still a nice afternoon to snap a few images. I have missed visiting Bernheim, but have enjoyed exploring Nashville's natural areas. I hope to pay a visit to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art soon. Supposedly there are 100,000 tulips in bloom as I write this post and I would hate to miss that. You know how I love photographing flowers. We're due for a whole weekend of 'Sunny' and I can't be happier. I hope your weekend finds you outdoors in the sunshine. ENJOY!


  1. What a pretty and soft yellow that rhododendron is. It's to be sunny and mild here too so we should see some snow melt faster. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. So many tulips, a few hours south of us at Wellington Botanical Gardens, they have a Spring Festival that starts with " Tulip Sunday" , I will have to find out how many bulbs are there. Lovely you did get a trip back to visit old haunts.

  3. Hello Carol, the magnolia bloom is beautiful. I have only seen white magnolias blooms around here. Lovely image! Have a happy Sunday!

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