Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter, Goose Island

When I realized I was going to relocate to Nashville, I decided that I should try to find a place close to a natural area albeit a forest or a park. So I chose the east side of the city and ended up only a quick hop, skip and a jump from Percy Priest Lake. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a dam on the north side of the lake. And I have just discovered a map outlining 38 small islands that are situated thoughout Percy Priest Lake. The jury is out on whether the post I put up last week on Hermitage Lake is really Hermitage, as it could be another island name. It is hard to tell from the map.

That being said, on this bitterly cold visit to Percy Priest Lake I captured a few images of the snowy shores along Goose Island. Goose Island is situated far out into the lake south of the dam. There is actually primitive camping allowed on Goose Island. The sun was bright and the sky and water was a beautiful blue which did help considering how cold it was. Most of the gulls and ducks opposite the dam stayed hunkered down while I snapped photos.

As you can see there is are quite a few outdoor surfaces still covered in a thick layer of ice from the ice storm earlier in the week. There was an ice storm two years ago in Louisville that reminded me of this ice storm in Nashville. If you live in the Midwest or South, it's almost a given you will experience an ice storm every couple of years.

The sun would shine on icy surfaces leaving a shimmering sparkle effect. There were entire fields and woods still totally covered on my outing although some surfaces had melted and others were just starting to melt. As you may have noticed, my Spring header is up. For those of you who weren't here last year, it bears mentioning that each February, late in the month, I put up my Spring header. It is my personal afront against Winter. I am soldiering out Winter while ushering in Spring. Nothing would make me happier right now than to see Crocuses peeking up from their Winter's bed. ENJOY!

I revised this post as I discovered Bear Island is actually Goose Island and Hermitage from an earlier post is actually Hermitage.

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  1. Carol, I checked out a map of the Lake on Google and it appears you will certainly have plenty of locations to explore.

    I like the idea of your Spring header ... the promise of good things to come. Perhaps I shouldn't mention but my Mother's garden is covered with wild Crocus in full flower! Hope you have a glorious weekend.

    1. Oh Frank, really Crocus. Oh my how I wished. We are supposed to get more ice Sunday. UGH! Carol

  2. I like the glittering trees! I guess you're allowed to dream with that Header, Carol,