Sunday, January 4, 2015

Painted Lady

The weather here in the Bluegrass State has been nothing short of dreary, rainy and well, of course, cold. I mean it is Winter after all so I really cannot expect much more.

So I interrupt this dreary, rainy and cold Winter's day in Kentucky to lighten the mood a little with this beautiful image I captured back in the Summer. As I snapped this photo, a very patient Painted Lady Butterfly sat on top of a Purple Astor, at least I think it is a Purple Asotr, and waited for me to finish. I got to thinking about Spring today and decided perhaps a quote would do us all some good. So I leave you with the hope that Winter will be short, Spring will arrive early and well, you get the general idea.

Life sometimes finds us in limbo and right now, to my total amazement, that is where I am. One chapter is ending and another is beginning. And I am trying to muster up all of my courage to soldier on. Any support you can send my way is truly welcome. ENJOY!


  1. You will find the way to carry on with the new venture, when I first began my blog, I wondered what I was doing, now I so enjoy every day . And you will too, once that first hurdle has been jumped over. Now, that is not poetic or even good English, but comes from my heart. Down here, I. too, need courage to face each day with Hugh, his pain, disability and all else. It comes, as is needed. I found a quote..." If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed". May this be true for us both. Hugs, Jean.

  2. I have seen a few summer photos posted the last couple days that are so refreshing. This one is gorgeous and full of colour but we won't be seeing this until May here. Oh well. I wish you well with your new chapter in your life. Blessings. Pam