Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Bluegrass Winter

Winter in Kentucky, the Bluegrass State.
Icicles form on every surface creating needle like patterns.
Evergreen branches hang low to the ground heavily laden with snow.
A snowy bridge crosses a soon frozen pond as bitter cold sets in.
A new blanket of snow hugs the sides of a Fir tree in the Arboretum.
Snow covered limestone steps lead to a path unknown.
Winter wind whips around the Pavilion while layers of snow lay across its rooftop.
Crab Apple trees sit dormant as a blanket of fresh snow covers every surface.
Freezing rain clings to every twig and branch forming an intricate patchwork of art.

Winter in the Bluegrass State brings snow and ice and bitter winds while we seek shelter from the cold.
Wood sits ready on hearths waiting its turn on the warm crackling fire.
Blankets hang loosely off the arm of the chair ready for wrapping ourselves in warmth.
Travel slowly on the icy snow covered roads and stay warm from the cold all. ENJOY!

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  1. Beautiful, a story time round the mosaic, I love every part of that. Your way with words is the winner, and I'm sending more wishes and hopes that the progress for a move is going to plan. Hugs.Jean.

  2. Wonderful set of photos.

  3. These are beautiful photos of the ice and snow there. We've had a mild day here - well above freezing - with rain. Back to bitter cold again tonight though.

  4. Just gorgeous makes me want to visit!

  5. Such a lovely mosaic! Thank you for sharing!