Saturday, December 13, 2014

Great Blue Heron, Lexington Reservoir

It was drastically overcast today, but I still wanted to scout a new location near Maine Chance Farm close to Lexington where apparently a good deal of waterfowl are often visible. However, the roads to the lake were gated which means I need to know someone who knows someone to get into this area. I will investigate and report back. I did photograph a Belted Kingfisher, a 'life list' bird for me at a small lake at Kentucky Research Park just down the road. Sadly, the photo wasn't decent enough to post. I did manage to capture some Geese in the same lake that I will post soon. I need to confirm their identification first.

One more location in mind, I drove over to Lexington Reservoir to check out the waterfowl. With no birds in close proximity for a decent image, I decided to head home. Before I turned around, I happened to catch the form of a Great Blue Heron through some brush. Perched on the edge of a boat on a small dock, he was intently scanning the lake for a catch. I parked the car and walked over to take a few photographs. I managed to get quite a few poses as the Heron kept moving from one position to the next. It's amazing how one move can change how a Heron looks. They are such gorgeous birds that I absolutely love photographing. I promise to post a few more images of him this week. Look at the detail of his feathers, not to mention of his legs. Is he not beautiful. Thank you for posing Mr. Heron. ENJOY!

PHOTOGRAPHER'S NOTE: Check back later this week as I hope to have some fantastic news to share with you.


  1. What a shameless flirt this guy is! Love the colors you captured - almost iridescent.

  2. Stunning, and what will we find later this week?? That is so tantalising to make us wait. And yes. those colours, I can see them all in a quilt. Jean.