Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winter, Kentucky's Scenic Byway

Early February in Kentucky, I find myself driving the beautiful scenic byway which runs along the Ohio River in Louisville.
Taking a quick detour, I visit the horse farm area of Oldham County, just north of the small town of Prospect.
A significant snowfall, followed by an equally significant ice storm had just taken place a few days prior.
When two major winter weather events combine, I know there are surely photo ops to be had. 
It is amazing what Mother Nature's fury can do and how it transforms our landscape. 
I hope you will find your way outdoors this Winter to capture scenes such as this. ENJOY!


  1. The framing of the photo makes me want to gaze into its depth. The fence draws my eye.

  2. Beautiful photo! I like the brown and white with pops of rust. We've had two snows that have melted but there will be many more that will stay for the next 5 months. Not looking forward to it but fresh snowfalls are very pretty to photograph.