Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Trail, Ramsey Cascades

Allow me to take you back to the Smokies once again where you will find me on a brief walk along the Ramsey Cascades Trail. There were so many wonderful photo ops this year in the Smokies and this trail and the road to reach it were stunning.

This image does not fully convey the feeling you feel as you stand at this trail head, deep in the forest, 
miles from civilization, surrounded by stunning Fall foliage. Pure magic.  

On the way to the trail head, I had stopped to photograph water and by the time I had finished several settings, I was sweating and pretty spent. And while hiking wasn't on the agenda on this day, the trail to Ramsey Cascades was so inviting I couldn't resist walking a half mile in at least.

Deep in the forest, I walk along the trail, and suddenly I hear a familiar sound. The river is speaking to me.
I walk toward the sound and peer down to find this scene. The beauty of it overwhelming.

Keep in mind I love to hike, but this trail is four miles in and it was later in the day. I did check the elevation chart for this trail, and wow do you climb up in elevation, although most of it is in the last two miles. Hmm, but isn't that the hardest part of a hike. To have to make that elevation climb at that point has to be strenuous.

I reach a small clearing in the forest. I look over and find this bench carved from dead trees. 
I think about all of the different people from all walks of life who have stopped here to rest a spell. I move on. 

Now that I know how beautiful a drive to the trail head is to Ramsey Cascades, I am sure I will be back. I know further exploration will net me even better waterfall images.

I hike back along the trail, the same route I hiked in, and round a bend in the trail to find this scene.
I know now that I have taken 'the road less traveled' and I am a better person having done it.

The snow from Monday's storm has melted and the temps have climbed back to something more bearable. I hope this finds you safe and warm as Winter has come early here in the States. ENJOY!


  1. Thank you for taking us along on your short hike. It is indeed beautiful.

  2. Peaceful, as only nature in a remote area can be, the seat, small pool, leaves in many colours, all together, wonderful. You share this with us, and I can appreciate your country and landscapes so much more. Jean.

  3. That is a beautiful hike and trail you found. It would be enjoyable to do the whole thing starting earlier in the day. I hope you can get back to it one day.