Sunday, November 23, 2014

Landscape, Cade's Cove

Beautiful and serene Cade's Cove sits tucked away in southwestern Great Smoky Mountains National Park just a few miles from Townsend, Tennessee. Within this valley nestled between two mountain ranges, lies many a cabin, as well as several churches and homesteads. Reminiscent of a tiny community standing alone in this broad valley, Tipton's Place, which I wrote about recently was one of those homesteads. As I slowly traveled this back road making my way along the valley floor, I would stop to capture scenes that caught my eye, forever to be chronicled in my archives.

Deep in the valley now I stopped to take several images. When I turned and looked out across the valley I found this scene. Immediately I sat about to capture it to show you the larger landscape as I looked out across the fields. The simplicity of it was overwhelming. The abandoned barn sitting far off in the distance was surrounded by layers of fields with brush and trees between. The mountain provided the perfect backdrop while subtle hints of Fall foliage dotted the landscape adding yet one more layer. It is life from a simpler time perhaps the best of times. ENJOY!


  1. Too stunningly beautiful for words, Monet's gentle colours, the barn for some thoughts about what happened those years ago, and thank you for sharing the photo and where this place is. Perfectly simple, but simply perfect. Jean.

  2. That is such a beautiful scene and I would love to go down there and walk across that field and explore the barn and the surrounding woods. Enjoy the week.

  3. Wow - stunning shot!