Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Belgravia Court, Old Louisville

Belgravia Court is situated in Old Louisville's National Historic Preservation District just off 4th Street. This area of downtown Louisville heralds the Victorian heritage that we locals call Old Louisville. Walk the grassy 'walking court' that lays between the houses that lines the court, no road lays here, and you will be taken back to life in a simpler time.
The old Victorian homes sit so closely tucked together that oftentimes only a sidewalk lays between them. Should you find yourself visiting during the evening, take note of the old gas lanterns which illuminate your path. St. James Court is home to the original St. James Court Art Fair which began many many years ago, and sits adjacent to Belgravia. Today, the art fair has expanded to many additional blocks. When I attend the art fair, however, I always walk the original route.
As I meander along the route I see booths with pottery, photography, and watercolors, not to mention wood carvings and sculptures and iron works. Finally, I reach historic Belgravia Court and this is when I ready myself to soak up the ambiance that Belgravia is best known for.
Ivy laden walls, balconies with black wrought iron fencing, walkways with twisted black wrought iron gates. But it's the architecture of the old Victorian homes that really gives this court its magnificence.
Stone walls, stone gargoyles, gated windows, intricate stone surrounds, decorated porches, and stained glass doors. These are just a few of the features that make up the Victorian era home.
Dots of orange and yellow from pumpkins and mums spill out from the porches adding one more layer of beauty to the setting. I simply love visiting Old Louisville and taking in the art fair. I envision ladies and gentlemen dressed in Victoria era clothing coming in and out of the beautiful homes on their way to balls or perhaps the theater. Back soon. ENJOY!


  1. It sounds so beautiful there. I like the stonework and iron. It would be nice to see photos of the streets homes. ;)

  2. A very interesting and photogenic location.

  3. Those stone steps, the stone seat, perfect place to sit and contemplate as others stroll past. Lovely words to tell us all the history too. Cheers,Jean

  4. Just the right amount of color to set off the beautiful greenery.