Thursday, October 30, 2014

Awe Inspiring Chimney Tops

Take a moment and travel with me to beautiful, awe inspiring, Chimney Tops.
Dominating the Sugarland Mountains in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Chimney Tops is two peaks that seem almost as one.
Bright sunlight brings out Autumn's splendor of reds, oranges and yellows giving renewed life to the mountaintop.

With each twist and turn around the many sharp hair pin turns, you climb up the mountain toward Newfound Gap.
Yet in nearly every turn, Chimney Tops stands unwavering. You feel small in its shadow.

Evening light slowly moves over the mountainside highlighting the ridgelines and bathing the setting in golden hues.

As the sun moves lower in the Autumn sky, the golden light catches tree tops, popping the reds and oranges and yellows,
much like lollipops in a flourescent wonderland. It's all about the color now.

Let us linger here in this moment.

There is a splendor about which this beautiful mountain is unparalleled. It is as though it was laid here simply for my eyes to rest upon.

On this gorgeous afternoon, Chimney Tops surely is one of God's magnificent creations.
Thank you for coming along with me on this wonderful drive in the Great Smoky Mountains. ENJOY!

As a matter of fact, Chimney Tops is a double capstone knob and one of the few bare rock summits in the Smokies standing at 4,724 feet.
Its Cherokee Indian name, Duniskwalgunyi, or forked antler refers to its resemblance to the antlers of a deer.
Villagers from an early settlement in the Sugarland Valley gave Chimney Tops its modern day name.


  1. Every one so beautiful, but the ridges and valleys with light and shadow, #1. Jean.