Monday, September 15, 2014

Waterfall, The Smokies

As I drove over to the far eastern side of the Smokies in the Spring, I stopped to capture a few images of the water coming down the side of the mountain next to the main road.
In previous posts you may remember my frustration photographing water. In this setting, there were at least a dozen cascades coming down in varying directions with tons of 'noise' all around. By noise I mean broken branches, twigs and well, in this case, one too many cascades that only lend to distract the viewer. Too many distractions can hender the overall composition of an image. Cropping is usually the order of the day to help fix some of these problems. It is so difficult getting the composition, the sharpness, the highlights, the low lights and the water flow itself all working together in unison. And I'll say it again, it is so difficult. I believe photographing water is what some photographers call the madness that is photography. I hope you enjoy this image. ENJOY!


  1. It's a gorgeous photo! The spring green is so brilliant. I wonder how it looks today.

  2. Spring is beautiful, will this freeze in wintertime there? You captured the flow perfectly, not too milky, not too slow just right. Goldilocks would be happy too. Cheers,Jean

    1. I doubt this will freeze in winter. The park is pretty far south although there are areas in the lower elevations which will get some occasional ice. Thank you for stopping by Jean.