Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Equinox

Fall weather is here in Kentucky, not to mention the leaves are showing signs of turning colors.
Pumpkins are showing up everywhere and fall decorations are adorning all of the gift shops.
Can warm bonfires on cold Fall evenings, pumpkins picked fresh from the patch,
hayrides bouncing you all over the rickety old wagon
and corn mazes twisting and turning you to and fro be far behind. 
Soon September will give way to October.

wicked witches with tall black hats and swishy black brooms,
black cats darting in front of you on a lonely country road,
skeletons legs dangling from a creaky old rocker, 
ghosts, ghouls and goblins whizzing by, eekk,
and big black spiders weaving huge sticky webs on the corner of the porch.

Soon it will be All Hallow's Eve. Have you got your 'Fall' on yet? ENJOY!


  1. Fall, the harbinger of winter, love the photo, is it a wall hanging? a piece to decorate the fireplace? super autumn colours, they shine. Your words, I hope you save, print, and make a book with photos as well, Too precious to be lost anywhere, in the iCloud, on your PC, or anywhere., Cheers, Jean.

    1. Jean your words are the sweetest. Thank you so much. The photo is a wall decor piece I photographed in Nashville, Indiana, a few weeks ago. Such a fun place. I wished you could visit some time. Carol