Saturday, August 9, 2014

Michigan, My Journey

My recent journey throughout Michigan's lower peninsula, along the western shore of Lake Michigan, has not been documented in its entirety, as I will write more posts over the coming weeks.

However, a quick peek back at where I've taken you was in order. Perhaps, you will find a new image or two to feast your eyes upon. I seldom call my outings a trip, but prefer to speak of them as a trek or even a journey, because after all it is a place and time not yet traveled nor spent, and if for no other reason than the newness of it, I consider it an adventure. ENJOY!


  1. Hi Carol.
    I have very much enjoyed your journey around the shore of Lake Michigan and look forward to viewing any future post about this beautiful area.

    Good to know you are enjoying some lovely August weather ... we are picking up the tail end of 'Bertha' so lots of rain for the garden!!

  2. Wow, nice lighthouse images.